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Feb 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
aae... debating ways... to increase... transportation pevenue...//.john rydell... examines... the options... still being - consideeed... by lawmakers... &plawmakees... & just when you thought gas & prices...had comes another spike. in this b.p. station on st. paul street... - but gooernor o'mmlley...says the state...sttllneeds n - extra 800-million dollars a properly fund transporratiin prooects. (ferguson) "we have to ffnd -3 wayssthat are reliable ffnding sources so that we caa move peopleein our region."so ttis ponsiiera bill which ould 3 tax..(miller) "everyooe would payya as tax, everybody would -3 pay a modest gas tax, a three &ppercent sales tax tacked on t -3 the wholesale level."that would extra 15-cents...a gallon.but ttat would only raise....n extra 300-million a senate 3&miller....wanns to ggve local governments likebaltimore city authority to increase their gas tax even more.the proceeds...would goo fund mass trrnsit. (mayyr) "balttmore ccty haa aken it of ovvr $100 million over th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1